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Links – December 28, 2012

By Pattyhankins @PattyHankins

Ice Punch Poinsettia

Ice Punch Poinsettia (c) 2010 Patty Hankins

Here are some posts and articles that I enjoyed this week; I hope you enjoy them as well

Flower and Plant Links

Science Daily has Invasive Plant Species May Harm Native Grasslands by Changing Soil Composition

National Park and National Wildlife Refuge Links

National Parks Traveler has Interior: Toppling Off Fiscal Cliff Won’t Immediately Impact National Park Operations  and Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Friends Of The Smokies Team Up To Hang Bear Wires In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Wildlife Links

Huffington Post has Uncollared Florida Panther Seen Moving Kittens In National Wildlife Refuge For First Time Time Ever

The Raw Story has ‘Yak insurance’ plan saving Nepal’s endangered snow leopard

Environmental Issues Links

Sierra Club has MELTDOWN: Arctic sea ice is melting faster than climate models predicted

USGS has Emerging Consensus Shows Climate Change Already Having Major Effects on Ecosystems and Species

Photography and Art Links

George DeWolfe and Lydia Goetze have an article on The Synthesis of Chinese Landscape Painting and Photography at Luminous Landscape.

Art Wolfe has some amazing images in his 2012 Year in Review

The Trichordist has The Return of Orphan Works: Trojan Horse: Orphan Works and the War on Authors by Brad Holland

PDNOnline has Agencies Step Up Copyright Enforcement as Infringers Fight Back

DC Area Flower Safari

If you are in the DC area, I hope you will join me and other flower lovers at our DC Flower Safari Meetups. The next Meetup is scheduled for Sunday, January 6th at my house in Bethesda,MD. This will be a casual get together from 2-5pm. If you’ve got some favorite flower or garden photos you’ve taken – please bring no more than 5  and a snack to share with everyone.  I hope to see you there!

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