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Links à La Mode : IFB Weekly Roundup

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
Being part of this weekly roundup really have a special meaning to me because I didn't submit a fashion related post to IFB but the one I wrote about black people's hair misconceptions, in other words about MY hair and the way people perceive them. Thanks to IFB I hope this post will be read more and I will be glad if you shared it because I really hope more people consider other people from different ethnicities as human beings first before noticing their differences.
An other REALLY good thing happened to me this week : I was mentioned by Jennine Jacob, the founder of IFB in her article "The 6 Fashion Bloggers Personality Types". When Gabrielle of Look Sharp Sconnie informed me about it (thanks a lot !) it was as if I had been hit by something really hard. Then I went reading the post Jennine wrote and saw myself classified as a philosopher blogger next to Gabrielle AND one of my favorite blogger ever, Leandra Medine. So since this morning I am on cloud nine smiling and giggling (even writing this I am still in this state) like an idiot.

By the way feel free to peruse the links below, you won't regret it !

Links a la Mode

Be Yourself

With summer fast approaching, we're all taking it easy when it comes to putting on a show. Summer is always more laid back, down to earth and relaxed... a perfect time to reflect on the madness that is everyday life. This week's roundup did a lot of reflecting, from the poses we put on for our blogs, the hamster wheel of personal style on the web, going modest when everyone else is baring it all, letting our hair be it's natural beautiful self, and even embracing your "eye bags." If you're wondering if fashion blogging is shallow or conscious or if Galliano deserves forgiveness this is the roundup for you this week! If you're just looking for some excellent DIYs for the weekend, we've even got a great floral crown, handstamped jewelry, and shirt dyeing project for you!

Links à la Mode: April 25th, 2013

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