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Posted on the 26 September 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

For those starting a new project, how to build a strategy for effective links SEO and what are the different steps?
What are the real criteria of quality of a hyperlink? What is the importance of internal and external mesh of a website?

We seek to define a global strategy by developing links for SEO, to achieve a mesh that not only improve the reputation, but also the positioning of pages in a web project, and thus qualified traffic.

Links building and networking websites like a pyramid?

Unless you have great content, awesome and unique, which is not given toLink strategy everyone, we can initiate the generation of external links, even if they do not fulfill immediately all quality criteria listed below, starting with the easiest: the bottom of the pyramid and gradually as progress while enriching its content, which together will become increasingly visible, and can attract natural links and effective partnerships a virtuous circle …!

Begin to make themselves known to humans and engines with links to directories, forums, blogs, etc., and move systematically towards the top of the pyramid, which will take time and require greater investment. Note: Do not overlook some links “nofollow” (social media, wikipedia) that can generate significant traffic and indirectly generate links diverse natural. This pyramid has the advantage of summarizing the major sources of links, while explaining a procedure to follow in time.

Quality External Linklink strategy

Link reflects a contribution, influence, and has value and relevance for two types of audience today; visitors and search engines. Priority development for humans is still the most useful, but it would be a shame not to take advantage of traffic and also targeted engines provided by neglecting some SEO recommendations basis.

  • Relevance : theme close to 2 sites related
  • Context : full text link from a page optimized and / or positioning the keyword mentioned
  • Difficulty in obtaining i.e not easy to replicate for competition
  • Human decision : i.e not automatic and rigorous selection
  • Credibility : a link from a credible source transfer credibility to the linked page
  • Awareness : trusted sites and good reputation giving weight to the link
  • Investment made in one way or another (we do not speak of “purchase) to get the link, for example development of viral content, the time needed to get acquainted with the site AND recognize influential thematic etc..

Optimization and internal mesh

External links will be effective if they echo optimized pages on your targeted keywords, and a network of internal links with a proper structure and anchors.

Importance of close links and sources of outgoing / incoming

The neighborhood defined in some way by the content and especially the mesh external allows Google to connect or consolidate a website with other sites that seem connected. If the outgoing links (those that are fully controlled) are critical for establishing reputation and good neighborly get links from relevant sites good reputation, even if they are not in the beginning, is equally important.

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Link strategy

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