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Like a Street Dog

Posted on the 23 July 2014 by Yamini
Amu walked with a mythical destination in mindA name, that was all she knewShe knew she was not walking in the right directionJust a little bit more and I'll come back, she assured herselfShe did turn back after a while And took the turn which she promised she would never take With the name still in her mind, she walkedShe knew she was on the wrong track. Yet again. She loved the game Of setting a goal and walking away from it As she wandered, she walked into a Higgin Bothoms Estd. in 1844 A hundred pages book on Mao Tse Tung, stared at her as she entered. It is too small to be Mao, she placed it back. Then there were multiple volumes of Lee Child’s books, Somehow she could register no title, except his name. Then there was a Tamil book with the pictures of Gandhi, Gokhale and Bhagat Singh staring at her.What a combination, I wonder what must have inspired it, she thought. 1844 to 1944 makes a hundred and then a seventy more, a total of one seventy, she counted as she walked ahead Now into a busy road with scores of people And a careful arrangement of electric wires decorating the cloud filled skyShe walked towards, what seemed like an old mosque And then into the lane next to itShe crossed the picture book lane, which had everything from A for apple to U for umbrellaOne could also say it was a color book, with all shades and tintsShe walked ahead Wandering like a street dog So free 

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