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Light up Someone Else's Day

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx

Having lived in India all along, its painful to see the common man struggling to make ends meet. Though we cannot change this state of being in one single day, we can take a moment to think about them - lessen their burden or ease their journey in some little way. 
  • Tip the air fill guy with some penny even when the poster shouts NO TIPS. It would not hurt to sponsor his tea today.
  • Smile at the person you see at the toll. He is at work - Yes. He is paid for it - Yes. But how frustrating could it be to see passing vehicles all day. Your smile may be a welcome change to his landscape.
  • Return back wishes to your office security when they wish you a Good Day - didn't we learn so in school too. :-)
  • Wash some cups before your domestic help arrives - know anyone who does not like surprises? She too, needs one.
  • Donate a portion - a birthday or new year is a good time to sacrifice any one of your indulgences (I am so sure we all have so many of them!) and give that portion to charity. Choose a cause you feel strongly for.
  • Buy balloons to the little children at construction sites. They too, are children, and in the most vulnerable phase of their life. 

This post is inspired from this bollywood song, the lyrics of which go like this -
ghar se masjid hai bahut dur chalo yu kar le
kisee rote huye bachche ko hansaaya jaaye
Though the emotion will be lost in translation, a rough idea is that God's home is inconvenient to go to everyday, I would rather do a good deed instead.
In essence, the song conveys that to serve Humanity is to serve God.

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