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LIGHT ONE FOR ILIGAN| A Sky Lantern for a Cause

By Singcolinquisitor @lexuzinquisitor
LIGHT ONE FOR ILIGAN| A Sky Lantern for a Cause
"The LOVE in your heart wasn't put there to stay---Love is not LOVE till you give it away"
---Oscar Hammerstein---
After the tragic event that Iligan had just been through , which is brought upon the wrath of Sendong, I believe its time for us to start moving forward. Moving forward for some may not be that easy though we may not forget this sad experienced but eventually at least we have moved on. 
On the 25th of this month of January 2012 at exactly 4PM at the broken bridge over at Barangay Hinaplanon lets all joined our hands and together we will light a sky lantern as for the eternal repose of the dead and the missing people during the flash floods. 
Why light a sky lantern?
Lighting a sky lantern is a symbol of letting go of our problems, sadness and grief (Buddhist Beliefs) --- to let them float away and in return we will receive enlightenment as the flame of the lantern symbolizes wisdom.
Where the proceeds will go?
My source assured me that the responsible organization handling this campaign which is the ILAGA Iligan Airsoft Gamers, --- ALL PROCEEDS will go to the San Lorenzo Parish Church for their upcoming project on the building of a giant cross in remembrance of the death and missing people during the tragedy.
How much and how to buy?
The sky lantern will be available next week at a very affordable P100.00 and you can order it by dialing this number 0915-873-3358. On the other hand, you can also visit the participating stores and establishments such as Zoey Cafe, Travel Max Tours, Brews Almighty and DakNet Internet Cafe to buy this sky lantern.
See you at the event!

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