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Light Lunch

By Blueoctober @blueoctober__
light lunch
The perfect light lunch

I have to give all credit for this little beauty of a recipe to AJ over at The Style Treaty after she posted a picture of it on her twitter. I say 'recipe'... there's really nothing to it, so not sure it is worthy of the title 'recipe'! All you need is:Tomato (buffalo if possible)AvocadoMozzarellaOlive oil and salt to tasteSimply slice your tomato, avocado and mozzarella and arrange on a plate. For reference, I used half a tomato, half an avocado and half the mozzarella from the packet to make the dish below which is a perfect light lunch for one. You can then lightly drizzle with some olive oil (must be olive oil, not vegetable or sunflower, yuck!) and sea salt over the top. This really makes the dish - the three ingredients on their own can sometimes be a little bland. 

light lunchlight lunch

This dish is perfect for a light lunch, or as a salad to accompany a meal or BBQ. You can add anything to want to jazz it up - it would be lovely with some grilled chicken or halloumi!So simply and so tasty!

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