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Life: Riding a Unicorn to the Moon

By Mpartyka @mpartyka2
Life: riding a unicorn to the moonHello friends,
I have been a terrible blogger the past few weeks - life keeps getting in the way! {smile}
While I haven't been playing with fairies or angels... I have been busy planning dinner parties for twelve, volunteering, daydreaming of the garden, watching movies, running, snowshoeing, shoveling, making guest appearances here and there, socializing, and watching the Olympics... I haven't been folding laundry.
{a picture tells a thousands words right? Follow me on instagram, and stay connected during the week}
Reading: I finished Goodnight June this weekend, loved it!  I also read Waking the Buddha, and started Glitter and Glue.
Have you read it? It's a short book that shouldn't take more than a sitting or two to read.
I wrote a few book reviews last night - promise to share a few this week.  
Life: riding a unicorn to the moonGlitter and Glue: When Kelly Corrigan was in high school, her mother neatly summarized the family dynamic as “Your father’s the glitter but I’m the glue.”
After college, armed with a backpack, her personal mission statement, and a wad of traveler’s checks, she took off for Australia to see things and do things and Become Interesting.
But it didn’t turn out the way she pictured it. In a matter of months, her savings shot, she had a choice: get a job or go home. That’s how Kelly met John Tanner, a newly widowed father of two looking for a live-in nanny.
Every day she spent with the Tanner kids was a day spent reconsidering her relationship with her mother, turning it over in her hands like a shell, straining to hear whatever messages might be trapped in its spiral.
This is a book about the difference between travel and life experience, stepping out and stepping up, fathers and mothers. But mostly it’s about who you admire and why, and how that changes over time.
What are you reading this week?

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