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April Update

By Mpartyka @mpartyka2
April Update

Hello Friends,

I heard this on the radio last week and thought, this is true... March had 60 days this year. It has been a chilly spring! My Instagram feed is full of flowers blooming and first harvests of lettuce which has me ready to start a garden. We didn’t have a garden last year with the move, my dad’s health, and getting settled in the new house.  Something we hope to change this year.  

I met with someone last week who I hope will build something similar to what I had in New Jersey.  A small, but mighty, 5x7 plot that I hope to turn three times.  I have also been talking with a friend in Pennsylvania about adding ground cover, like violets, in the woods.  Something that thrives in the shade.  I have so many ideas.

My Dad's Health

In February he was diagnosed with basal cell on his back. The first punch didn't return clean and in early April he had surgery to remove the rest of it.What looked like a nickel on the surface turned into a six-inch incision. He's fully recovered and is doing well.

Easter morning, we attended church, had a lovely family brunch, and made a visit to the ER. My dad woke up and knew something didn't feel right but always hopes everything will be better tomorrow. He's tired of doctors and medical appointments which I can appreciate.  Living with Heart Failure and Kidney Disease offers us challenges to navigate.  Today he's doing well, and we are preparing to celebrate his 86th birthday in a few weeks.

How Nashville got away

This is the saddest news. I was so excited to travel to Nashville this weekend, a city I have yet to experience. A weekend planned months ago with several couples. Just two days before leaving Bill tested positive for Covid, and I tested positive on Friday.  We are both recovering and are looking forward to a busy May. 

April Reading

I can't believe it, I read six books in April. I did finish one book on April 2 and was halfway through two others that I pushed through before ending a subscription.  

April Update

The Underground Railroad: 4 Stars. I loved this book but thought the last third wandered a bit for me.  I learned so much while reading Cora's story and can't wait to discuss this one at Book Club this week.

Heard it in a Love Song: 4 Stars. Have you read On the Island (by the same author)?  My book club read this years ago - it's still haunting.  Heard it in a Love Song was the fourth novel I have read by Graves.  I'm a fan!  This is a sweet story about finding love.  

When Caregiving Calls: 5 Stars. I started reading this book in February.  It's been a game-changer for me! 

Keeping Lucy: 4 Stars. I enjoyed this book and can say I haven't read anything like it.  Shining a light on Downs Syndrome with a nod to Thelma and Louise.  Heartwarming. Pure fiction.  Perfect for a summer vacation.

The Paris Apartment: 3 Stars. I started this book months ago and decided to finish it before ending an audiobook subscription.  I know of a few friends who enjoyed this one more than I did. 

The Golden Couple: 3 Stars.  This novel was entertaining but wildly fiction.  Would you hire a therapist knowing they just lost their license? 

Looking ahead

Bill just told me that our boat will be in the water later this week! I'm looking forward to weekend morning coffee rides and star gazing from the bay. Summer is coming. We have a busy May planned. Andrew will be home for Grandad's birthday celebration and I'm hosting an event in our home later this month.  

Have you read any of the books listed above?  Anything you are looking forward to reading this summer?  Please share as I'm always looking for a good book!

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