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Life on the Kinda-injured List.

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hi guys. I’m a little bit down in the dumps today.

My knee injury is the 3 L’s:

  1. lingering
  2. lame
  3. life affecting

So dumb!


Have you realized I don’t do “INJURED’ well?!

Here’s the scoop. I’d been having some mild knee pain during long runs before I ran my 1/2 Marathon a few weeks ago. It started when I began running 6+ miles. Some runs it would be pretty painful and others I wouldn’t feel it at all.

I did feel it during my race on September 2nd about half way through the race until the end, I just ran through it. After the race my knee(s) mainly the left one, became more and more painful and stiff. After 2 days I was virtually pain free in day-to-day life.

I don’t feel the pain walking around, sitting, first thing in the morning, or anything. I’ll occasionally feel some stiffness and a little prick but other than that I only feel the pain when running.

Since the race I feel it after about a mile. Which is worse than before I ran the race.

I’ve gone on 5 runs since the race anywhere from 3 miles to 6.5 and I’ve felt the pain on all of them. I did a 2 miler last night and I had the pain. I notice less pain when I run faster and more when I run my usual 1/2 marathon pace.

Initially Max and I thought it could be IT band. But now I’m thinking it’s a form of tendonitis. The pain is on the outside of my knee cap and goes down to where the tibia starts.

This is where it hurts:


If you’ve had anything like this and know any was to increase recovery time… PLEASE, LET ME KNOW! I’m hopefully still running a 1/2 Marathon on the 7th.


Anyways, because I’ve been so down in the dumps I splurged on a diet pepsi this afternoon. Simple pleasures.


And I had a huge chinese chicken salad for lunch.

  • romain lettuce
  • green onion
  • salted cashews
  • celery
  • some crunchy rice noodles
  • chicken breast
  • oriental dressing that wasn’t too sweet.

toss chicken with the reserved vegetables

Ahhh yeah!

For breakfast I had the usual 2 cups o’ joe with stevia and a splash of soy milk. And before my coffee I drank my hot magic lemon water.

Healthy Guideline Checks

  • 2 servings of probiotics: in process (1 of 2)
  • 2 servings of fruit: ____________
  • hot magic lemon water: check
  • lots of veggies: check
  • 2 servings of healthy fats: _____________
  • lean protein: check
  • dark chocolate: ___________
  • 8 8oz glasses of water: almost (6 of 8)
  • 3 servings of green tea: 2 of 3

Last night I soothed my injury sadness with unlimited chips, salsa and guac from Chiles.


Max always knows how to make me happy.

I had the chicken fajitas. And poured hot salsa all over it!

photo (1)


Tell me about you!!! I want to know…

Any secrets you have to heal my knee!!!

What’s the food you eat when you’re sad?

chips and salsa… or turtle trails ice cream.

Are you a coke or pepsi person?

coke! this diet pepsi tastes funny.

What TV show are you most looking forward to this fall?

Revenge! I got addicted over the summer and now I can’t wait to see what happens.

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