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Life of a Blogger: 101 Things I Hate

By Mle_vnc @Backlist_Books
Life of a Blogger: 101 Things I Hate
Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted by Novel Heartbeat. Every week there's a new topic, not related to book blogging. This week's topic is the other side of last week's: 101 Things I Hate. (For a full list of topics - past and future - go here.)
Well this should be easy! Here's my 101 for the week, in no particular order:
  1. Unfairness
  2. Bullies
  3. Waking up early
  4. Going to bed early when I'm not tired
  5. Insomnia
  6. Annoying noises when I'm trying to sleep
  7. People who are mean to animals
  8. Crocs
  9. Baby pink... well, pretty much anything
  10. Not having enough time to read - particularly when I'm reading a really exciting book
  11. Series I love ending
  12. Series I love ending unsatisfactorily
  13. Waiting in line
  14. Waiting for a book I can't wait to read (*ahem* Landline *ahem*)
  15.  Being bored
  16. Unexpected rain
  17. Wet feet
  18. Jeans that turn my legs blue
  19. Sad people
  20. Tights worn as leggings
  21. Rude people
  22. Kale
  23. Artichokes
  24. Goat cheese
  25. Mushrooms
  26. Sardines
  27. Mud
  28. Really sweet and fruity cocktails
  29. Straight rum
  30. Cigarette/cigar smoke
  31. People who smoke in the bus line
  32. Crowded buses and trains
  33. People stepping on my feet
  34. My phone battery dying in the middle of my commute
  35. Being hungry
  36. Fighting
  37. Conflict in general
  38. Mondays (unless it's a long weekend, in which case YAY)
  39. White chocolate
  40. Licorice
  41. Bubblegum
  42. Mouth breathers
  43. Close talkers
  44. Reality TV
  45. Particularly Jersey Shore
  46. Commercials
  47. Small spaces
  48. Heights
  49. Cleaning the bathroom
  50. Cleaning the kitchen
  51. Okay, cleaning in general
  52. Hemp seeds
  53. Brown rice, most of the time
  54. Sunburn
  55. Cold feet (literal and figurative)
  56. Being scared
  57. Being lonely (though not being alone - I quite enjoy that)
  58. When my cats take up 90% of the bed and I wake up squished into a corner with a sore neck
  59. Weird noises
  60. Being grumpy
  61. Clothes shopping
  62. Particularly for pants
  63. The end of a vacation
  64. Throwing up
  65. Being sick in general - unless it's just sick enough not to go to work, but well enough to watch trashy TV and read all day
  66. Strong smells (particularly synthetic floral ones and strong aftershave)
  67. Losing things
  68. Buying a replacement for a lost item... and then finding it the next day
  69. Commuting
  70. Mediocrity
  71. Needing to pee when driving long distances
  72. Public bathrooms in general (ew)
  73. Germs
  74. Squelchy food (like cooked mushrooms and a lot of meats)
  75. Meat in general
  76. IPA
  77. Brazil nuts
  78. Tiny airplane seats
  79. Bad hair days
  80. Rushing
  81. Being late
  82. Being tired
  83. Poachers
  84. How we treat the environment
  85. Dirty city streets
  86. Being really far away from nature
  87. Drizzle for DAYS
  88. Being hot and sweaty
  89. Forgetting to bring a book
  90. Running out of things
  91. Not having time to browse properly in a really good bookstore
  92. Having to go to sleep just as I get to a really good bit in my book
  93. Characters who won't listen to me when I tell them DON'T DO THE THING and do it anyway
  94. Annoying songs
  95. Needing to pee just as I'm falling asleep
  96. When my cat hides behind the dryer
  97. Being annoyed
  98. Moths (seriously, we've got them and they NEVER GO AWAY)
  99. Freshly washed jeans
  100. Cold oatmeal
  101. Blood tests
Okay, I'm sure there are a bunch more things I hate, but those were what came to mind first! What are your biggest dislikes? Share any of mine? Tell me in the comments!

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