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By Teaantoast @teaantoastblog
A lot has happened since my last post in October. So far November has been a really busy month for me. The biggest thing that happened this month is that I have started a new job. Very exciting but also very sad - sad because I had to leave a brilliant team behind but I'm seriously so excited by my new job!
I mentioned it before but I was very unhappy in my old job, it wasn't just making me unhappy at work but it was effecting me outside of work and I was getting very run down by it. So I'm very excited for a fresh start, to learn loads of new things and meet new people.
Overall, I'm feeling very positive at the moment, I have a lot more time at home with my new job - the hours mean I am home before 5 and don't have to work weekends! BUZZING!!!
I've had a sociable start to November, I actually went "out out" for the first two weekends - one weekend with an evening "out out" is rare for me so two NEVER happens! This weekend needs to be a quiet one.
I'm planning on doing Blogmas this year! I know, it'll be really challenging I'm sure but as a flakey blogger I want to give it my all. I've got a list of blog ideas already so I just need to get my arse into gear and start planning them and taking some photos in preparation. I think because I've suddenly got all this time to myself now I'm more motivated to give it a go and get back into what I love doing - writing this little blog.
So far November is going great, I'm very excited about my future and I've got a very positive mindset! Lets hope it continues to stay this way :)

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