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Life Isn't Always Black and White, a Mixed Media Portrait

By Tampster1 @tampster1
How quickly an idea can change. I have an art journal full of unused Gelli prints and some basic supplies that have been calling my name, so when I get 5 minutes to unwind I use whats in front of me to do something wild and crazy. Today I grabbed some cheap chalk pastels and just started to play. As I get to the hair you will see that the pastels are a little weak in value and saturation so I sprayed with a fixative added some sewing tissue and paper to cover the red pastel and turned her hair green. I added some contrast in the background and pumped up the color with little touches of acrylic and oil pencil. Don't be afraid to layer and think outside the box. Use crazy colors, don't be a perfectionist, use items that are completely out of your comfort zone. Grow. This painting is one of those ideas that went off the rails, and turned out pretty good. I has all the characteristics I personally look for in my art. Value, Composition, Contrast and Interest. Hope this inspires you and remember sharing is caring.
Life isn't always black and white, a Mixed Media Portrait
Life isn't always black and white, a Mixed Media Portrait Life Isn't Always Black and White5 * 8 inchMixed Media on paper (acrylic, pastel, ink, oil pastel, oil pencil)

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