Life is a Trip

Posted on the 15 August 2014 by Luciano Pacini
Life is a TripThe Life is a trip and people around us, rather family and friends, are not just people as you think; from my concept, these people are more like a company of our journey. They are people who are traveling with you for a certain period of your life. From here comes the romantic dream to find a trip mates for all of your existence.
But I am sure first is necessary live a full life, in every sigle moment and in every single aspect. In the best way as possible, for you and for the people around you.Many people are not happy because they used to compare too much with others. They believe in stereotypes caused also from their education. Sometimes is normal to see also what other people are doing, but is ridiculous if you can't take the best from other's experinces. Look what other people do, and try learning from that, you must discover the joy of your life, put the happiness in every single day!I know that is hard to think about, but your beautiful life is just a trip, is an adventure by Itself. In this "Trip of the Life" there is a beginning and an end, for everybody; this is also a kind of divine justice, but not for this reason this trip is good or bad. Really a lot will depends on you, as a journey that you organize for your holiday.I don't indicate your goals, because you are the traveler and you must decide your own destination, hoping that you already know enough yourself. Instead, I think is better for me providing you some considerations for the crossing.Life is a journey, and sometimes travel also alone. How difficult it is to find someone who guides you, who can accompany you, who can encourage you.I wish to talk to you about the importance of finding people who can you really trust. About the joy of involving with others and maybe for others. About the fact that the real wisdom is discovering satisfaction in simple things. I want to talk with you about choices, attitudes and behavior. But I understand that is really an huge topic! You must be organized, but not too much, remember that there is no journey without some obstacles; don't permit that some inconvenients takes away from you the enthusiasm typical of every traveler. So in this way look always for new places, but still be able to enjoy the ones you already know. Do what you like, but before I really recomend you: try to understand who you are.So for this reason and for many others, is necessary to be happy and feeling yourself as a part of the nature. Your consciousness, your intellect, your soul, your body; spread your positive energy to be able at the end to live a real life. Is really important travelling, so I mean living, with all of your five senses. This is a big mistake that people do, for many reason they don’t listen no more to some of these. I am sure you must feel all of them, listen what they tell you, say you also something to them, they are part of you, or better, they are yourself. In this way you will discover even that you have more than your five senses.So now you understand that when you start visiting places, meet people of different cultures and lifestyle, you realize that travel opens your mind and soul. But do not forget that the real journey is life itself.The people around you, even family and friends, are just partners of this path. Try to be able to make the joy the most important companion of this wonderful trip called life.
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