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Life Happens: Life Just Keeps on Happening!

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Life Just Keeps on Happening!

shawanaI swear once you get out of synch it’s very hard to get things back to normal. Life happens and it keeps happening to me.  It seems that I’m right in the midst of it but I think most people feel like that. It appears that after I moved, things just started taking up more and more of my time. I promised myself that I would not jump ship and abandon my blog. And I’m keeping my promise to myself. Especially since this month marked my 2 year blogiversary. So let me just share what I’ve learned this week.

Sometimes we have to clean up other people’s messes whether we want to or not

Definitely, not high on my list of things I like to do. Unfortunately, when people are not as savvy as you are in certain areas you have to step in and fix some shit! However, let me provide some clarification! Helping a close friend or family member get some business taken care of; cool! Cleaning up some no good partner financial mess; not cool. Like I always say, choose your mess wisely!

Drinking 1800 and standing outside in chilly weather doesn’t work in my favor

Ok, so I learned that mixing 1800 tequila with the Budweiser lime a Rita makes one hell of a drink. Yours truly had a party this past Saturday. I was outside late at night running my mouth, shaking my ass, and working on probably the 6th….. Hmmmm maybe 7th drink of the evening. That would’ve been fine if it hadn’t been 56 degrees outside. Now I’m sitting here with tea and alka-seltzer cold medicine.

When you feel all hope is lost…somehow you get a life line

Just when you think things are looking dim and that you’re stuck in the ocean with no life boat; suddenly a boat comes out of nowhere and lends a helping hand. We call these blessings! And at some point we all can use one whether big or small.

There are rare occasions when I’m wrong

Sometimes I judge people too quickly and other times I don’t give people a chance. Mainly because I don’t believe that everyone is good natured and have good intentions. You generally have to show me you are those things. However, when the moon and the night sky turn purple, I find that I’m wrong and possibly judged someone too soon.

Life keeps happening but somehow it’s always worth the ride!

What did life teach you this week?

Enjoy your weekend!



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