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By Bethschreibmangehring


Bethjim  My Husband Jim!


“Dear Beth, 

You helped me bring myself up and find my confidence in a time when I thought that no one could. From going shopping with me and having "Lobster night" to help me move on from the past, to being the voice of wisdom and helping me break out of my routine of depression (which many tried to do). 

I think it was your candid humor and authenticity. You didn't let me project my own destructiveness onto myself OR you. You saw me as the person I wanted to see myself as (the person I really am) and you never talked to me from an angle of pity. I will always remember that time in my life and I will always cherish it. You helped me fight for myself...and I won.”

Nicholle Harris


“When I think of you, Beth, I think of not only the person you are when conversing, but how you make me feel, and I’m sure others, when you write.

You are refreshingly open-minded; yet don’t have a problem expressing opinions you have. You’re kind and wise, and SO interesting to talk to. You are well-rounded and seem to have seen how all walks of life live, void of judging people for their beliefs, yet standing by yours. Feisty, tantalizing with your words, talented beyond what you see of yourself, and beautiful from the inside out, this is what I see! I think you live life how it’s supposed to be lived, exploring many different things and taking the “gifts” you are offered, while giving back all the while.

I’m so glad to have the opportunity to know you, Beth!”



An experienced life coach, Beth has the ability to hear what you’re not allowing yourself to say.  She will help bring your dreams to the surface so that you can begin design a life for yourself that that you will love! 

It is her belief that in designing powerful and beautiful rituals for our lives and beautiful environments to live in, we can begin to create a life that we love no matter our financial means.  Clearing the emotional and physical space to have  a  life big enough to be filled with incredible joy and celebration will supply all of the magic necessary to create ANYTHING that you could ever dream of!


These guidelines below will help you clarify your desires.  All issues discussed are held in strict confidence and will never be shared with anyone else.


Choose one area of your life you would like to change. I love to work with big issues, problems, or goals…so don’t be shy about picking something you really want to transform.  Your first session with me is a gift to you of one hour of my time. You are under no obligation after that to work with me, but you’ll want to!


You may select an area that does not have a direct monetary value associated with achieving your goal.  But ask yourself,  “If I make a major impact in this area during my one-hour gift session with Beth, would this impact be worth at least $1,000 to me?”  If your answer is “yes,” chances are you’ve picked an issue big enough for your session.


What if I don’t have an issue, problem, or goal?

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to focus on.  I’ve worked successfully with many people who don’t have an issue for the session. 


If this is your situation, you would simply call me at our scheduled time and I will work with you to discover where you can make a significant change.  Some of  my best sessions come from clients who call without a particular issue to resolve. And come with an open mind.  We want to have fun with your issue…even if it seems a difficult one for you. At the end of our session , I’ll present you with the opportunity to enroll in “Stirring the Senses!”, my 3 month coaching program that is designed to have you experiencing lasting breakthroughs in personal power, sensuality and creativity!


  Listed below are some potential areas for us to play with!


Creating ecstasy in your life

•  Celebrating your life and accomplishments

•  Creating a compelling future

•  Finding and following your life passion

•  Building passion for your life

•  Creating your life as a work of art

•  Making love to this moment... Taking more risks!


Career and education

•  Creating the career of your dreams

•  Achieving goals  

•  Increasing sales or building your business

•  Networking

•  Achieving outstanding results

•  Improving your education 

•  Creating win-win situations

•  Making the process enjoyable and fun


Your Environment

•  Mastering organization and life structures/Creating a supportive and beautiful physical environment that works for all areas of your life...Professional and Passionate!


Your passions and interests

•  Indulging in adventure, recreation, and  


•  Traveling the world 

•  Discovering your passions in life 

•  Learning to bring more fun to your life

•  Lightening your load

•  Creating more balance in your life


Your relationship with yourself

•  Appreciating yourself and your life

•  Discovering and expressing your true self

•  Creating personal power 

•  Managing resistance and fear

•  Living life with integrity 

•  Learning to take charge of your life

•  Removing unwanted habits 

•  Creating wanted habits  


Your relationship with others

•  Appreciating others

•  Building companionship and intimacy

•  Enjoying passion, sex, and romance

•  Learning powerful communication skills

•  Improving relationships with family, friends, 

    and acquaintances 

•  Learning how to say “no”

•  Creating healthy boundaries

•  Mastering who you are for others

•  Understanding the differences between men 

    and women

•  Finding and attracting your lifelong romantic 



Your Health

•  Achieving health, fitness, and longevity

•  Improving your energy and vitality

•  Coping with chronic or serious illness

•  Enjoying a smoke-free and/or alcohol-free life


Spirituality and Philosophy

•  Building your community, church, and service

•  Attracting miracles

•  Embracing philosophy and exploration

•  Exploring spirituality, God, awe, aliveness, 

    and inner peace

•  Recognizing the limits of control

•  Points of view, attitudes, and interpretations


Major life events

•  Working with grief, loss, and dying

•  Preparing for beginnings (renewals, marriages, 

    births, and transitions)

•  Creating powerful endings (completions, 

    separations, and divorces)

•  Understanding fear and pain (necessary and 


  • Working with breakdowns and breakthroughs


Your finances

•  Creating money and prosperity

•  Managing your money  

•  Saving for retirement, vacations, etc.

•  Eliminating debt and unwanted spending 



 Contact me to set up your free one hour gift session at [email protected]

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