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  • World Temple

    World Temple

    "World Temple would be a place of worship for all." As teacher finished the lesson school bell rang and all students started leaving the class except Mridul. Read more

    The 26 April 2014 by   Cifarshayar
  • D-Dhana Nanda

    D-Dhana Nanda

    Dhana Nanda was the last ruler of the Nanda dynasty.He was one of the nine sons of the Mahapadma Nanda After him the crown went to Chandragupta Maurya, the... Read more

    The 23 April 2014 by   Sahi
  • I’m Writing Again and Loving It!

    Writing Again Loving

    Do you remember my previous post about my new adventure,  I’ve Been Bit? Well, I literally have been bit and I’ve been writing a few short/short stories. I’m... Read more

    The 22 April 2014 by   Bren
  • Cricket Crazy

    Cricket Crazy

    As I came to know about crazy cricket contest last year's incident came flashing into my mind. Tracking the match this year with application's... Read more

    The 23 April 2014 by   Cifarshayar
  • Longevity Predicted by SRT

    Longevity Predicted

    Photo by Harry Harris. Yesterday, a friend of mine posted a link to the Death Clock on his Facebook page. According to this simple test, I can expect to live... Read more

    The 30 April 2014 by   Thegenaboveme
  • The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon - a Review

    Best Laid Plans Sidney Sheldon Review

    The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon Title:- The Best Laid Plans Author:- Sidney Sheldon Number of Pages:- 344 Publisher:- Harper Collins Genre:-... Read more

    The 18 April 2014 by   Saurabh2461986
  • 13 Lessons I Learnt From the 2014 CrossFit Open.

    Lessons Learnt From 2014 CrossFit Open.

    A while ago I wrote a post about what I love (and don’t love) about CrossFit, and I took some serious heat for it. However, despite some of my reservations, I... Read more

    The 04 April 2014 by   Tombasson
  • Out of Order


    I’m going to take Easter, the Spring weather, and the WordPress 3.9 update as my cue to take a little break from My Girly Parts. I’m guess no longer than a... Read more

    The 17 April 2014 by   Bren
  • Philomena: Late-life Reconciliation

    Philomena: Late-life Reconciliation

    Released 27 November 2013. People are storytelling animals. We develop narratives to create meaning in our lives. We also use narratives to persuade others to... Read more

    The 21 April 2014 by   Thegenaboveme
  • Xylographer


    ( wood artist - A Drabble ) Xylographer presented his most appreciated creation to the king the engraved wooden life size structure of the demised queen. Read more

    The 28 April 2014 by   Cifarshayar


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