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Life at 385: Walking

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss
So, I've mentioned in various posts what life was like at my highest weight, 385lbs. I wanted to do an entire post about what life was like at that weight. Then, I realized I had too much to say. It would be a ridiculously long blog entry and people probably stop reading and wouldn't make it to the end. So I've decided to do series of posts about "Life at 385". No, don't worry. Nothing like that time consuming/writing on the fly 12 Days of  Christmas thing I did. I'm gonna take my time on this series. However, it will have a "reference material" page just like the 12 Days of Christmas posts did. Some of the things in this new series of posts you may have heard before. Some of them you may have not. I just wanted all of my 385lb info all in one place. Eventually all of the 385lb entries will be accessible via my label cloud in the left column of my blog. So here goes, today's topic is walking.
When I walked at 385, I waddled and I couldn't put my arms down by my side because I was just so fat. My Mom's best friend says that I would grunt while I walked at my highest weight.  I also used to sit down a lot and I would walk slowly. I was also out of breath very easily.
Summer of 2010 I did some photography for the band Moxie. It was a hot day in June and we were walking around downtown Albany. I couldn't keep up. Granted, I'm shorter than they all are, but that's no excuse. I just told them to keep walking and I'd catch up eventually. It's really embarrassing to think about that day. I got some really good shots but damn it. I left an awful impression and I left rather embarrassed.
If you know me well enough or you've read my "About Me" page you know I work in a call center in Albany. Well, If I was in a hurry coming back from break at my heaviest weight, I would have to sit at my desk and catch my breath before I went back on the phone. Now I buzz around the office and can go back on the phone immediately.
This is a video of me touring the house I grew up in for the very last time before it was torn down. Notice all of the gasping for air! I had just eaten a really big breakfast, but still. I didn't realize I was doing that until I watched this video. How embarrassing. Notice how fat I was too.I may have been holding my head back because I was holding the camera in front of me, but I doubt it. This was May 2009, so I was near the highest weight of 385. Gotta love the bra strap showing :p

I of course no longer have those problems. Losing almost 100lbs will do that do you;-). I now walk very fast and keep up with and sometimes walk away from people because I walk so darned fast. I can just walk and walk and not need to stop and sit down! I also do not make any strange or disconcerting noises when I walk.  My body feels so free right now, and it's only going to get better as I lose more weight! I'm getting my life back. It's amazing how little life I did have and how fat was dominating my body. I was to the point that the mechanics of my body didn't function properly because of the fat. Amazing how much of a difference just walking without hindrance makes in one's quality of life.

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