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Life as a Blogger: Updated/good Advice.

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
A few years ago i wrote a post about my life as a blogger and my thoughts of how blogging had changed my perceptions and my life.
This is an update and just a post to promote blogging and how to get started/ improve your blogging skills...
Since starting blogging i have never been one of those people who have wanted to be "Internet famous" i have just wanted to write good blog entries for people to read and enjoy, i have spoken to many people about why they got involved in blogging and it always seems to be about 2 things either they want to do it for themselves or they want to do it all for the money and the fame.
It is nice to get payed for blogging but at the end of the day you will never earn big money by just blogging you have to be involved in other activities and be dedicated to your work...
 Start blogging:
I have a few tips for people who want to start blogging and here they are:
1. Write about what YOU want to write about.
2. Research, always research your topic or you may look very stupid when you get something wrong.
3. Start simple,  speak to the community and meet other bloggers.
4. Proof read  everything before posting.
5. Do NOT offend people/ write about certain things in your blog posts, that can cause a lot of problems (i have nearly been sued and its not good)
6. Enjoy yourself.
 Tips for improving blogs:  
1. Redesign a new background each year it keeps the blog looking fresh.
2. Play with the content from time to time it keeps it interesting.
3. Use photos and drawings in your post to add a talking point.
4. Use twitter, Facebook and other social media to your advantage.
5. Collaborate with other bloggers to create new content.
6. Use to expand your audience with like minded people.
7. Question everything 
8. Keep blogging...
Thanks for reading...

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