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Life: 3 Types of Morning

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez
Life: 3 Types of Morning
The lovely blogger Ibukun Akinnawo blogged about her morning routine and enjoined any one inspired to do same. I was inspired, so here goes:The perfect morning1. Wake up at 4.30am, think about French toast with lemon curd and grapes for breakfast, swing legs off bed, reach for phone, read the day's inspirational, recite psalm 91 as I stretch till 4.50am2. Head to the kitchen to fix that breakfast and pack lunch till 5.20am3. Shower. Put on makeup and clothes till 6.00am4. Tidy room and browse through phone notifications till 6.15am5. Head out to meet up with 7.10am morning assembly
The Imperfect Morning1. Wake up at 4.30am. Snooze the alarm for 10 minutes. Snooze the alarm again. Sit up on bed, try to get up, put feet on the floor and fall back between pillows. Breakfast is going to be oatmeal. Think of making it more appetizing; maybe oatmeal smoothie. Lunch would definitely be workplace cafeteria.2. 5.30am! Head to kitchen to fix that smoothie3. Shower. Put on makeup and clothes4. 6.30am!5. Head out, follow the shortest route. Recite Psalm 91 en route and include a prayer for absence of traffic hold up.
The OMG-What-have-I-done Morning1. Wake up at 5.30am! The phone alarm somehow didn't function. Scramble out of bed!2. Shower, put on makeup and clothes3. 6.30am!4. Head out. Grab breakfast on the way.5. Recite Psalm 91 en route
What does your perfect morning look like?What does an imperfect morning look like?
Life: 3 Types of Morning

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