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{Let The Planning...BEGIN}

By Whimofthesouth
{Let The Planning...BEGIN}Here it goes y'all. It's starting. I bought my first two wedding magazines to start planning. Mother dear sent me a bride-to-be "bride's book" in the mail yesterday. Now the fun can begin! It's funny, exciting, and totally overwhelming that I'm engaged and James and I are planning our wedding. I absolutely wouldn't trade it for the world. God truly had his timing all worked out. He always has the perfect plan for us. Glimpsing in the wedding magazines, it's hard not to want 12 different themes of weddings and every little expensive detail. My goal is to have fun but keep my parents' budget below what they want to spend. And to show all of y'all some cost effective wedding planning tips over the next 10 months. We have officially set a date, which I am SO excited about it. I may even have my dress (I stumbled upon it at the J.Crew clearance's still online for $1,000...I got it for $186 in perfect condition and my exact size.) xoBCC

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