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Let's Go To The 'Mall'zee

By Twynkleloves @TwynkleLoves
In London, "let go shopping" sounds so much more exciting than just saying "let's go to the shopping centre" but when American's say " let's go to the mall" it automatically sounds so cool (well to Brits anyway). So when I was invited to join Mallzee, I was like "awesome", in my best American accent. Mallzee is everything you would do at the mall, think browsing, buying, chatting with friends, hanging out, swapping style ideas but all online, great right? It's social shopping on a fabulous level.Due to launch later this year, the site operates by invite only and whilst there are only 400 invites left, you can still get in on the action.The site once launched will allow you to create your own online boutique by picking your favorite stores as well as social shop with your friends whilst they're online too, as if I needed another excuse to shop. I actually signed up for Mallzee in December but through hectic- overworked reasons of my own, forgot to share it with you all, *bows head*. Well it's not too late and hey like Darcey Gilmore said "it's better to be late, than to arrive ugly". That quote may have no baring on this topic but what the hell.

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