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Let's Explore Traditional Healing Methods

By Slherrmann
Happy Hump Day!Let's Explore Traditional Healing MethodsTToday I think I will share with you the many forms of healing methods that fall into four basic categories that aim to provide harmony physically, mentally and without further ado, let's begin...
Traditional Healing Methods

 Energy Therapy
Types Of Therapy:Let's Explore Traditional Healing Methods
  •  Acupressure
  •  Acupuncture
  •  Reflexology
  •  Reiki
  •  Ayurveda
  •  Meditation
  •  Qigong

Energy therapies are largely based on the principle of universal harmony - illness results when your own energies fall out of step with the cosmic balance. This is symbolized by the Yin and Yang - the forces of light and dark, male and female, Sun and Moon, in perfect balance.
The most ancient of complementary therapies are based on the flow of energy around and through the body. This energy, "life force" cannot be measured by scientist but can be by practitioners or healers who can learn to diagnose when the flow of energy through the body is blocked or disrupted.
Energy therapies are based on redirecting or re-stimulating the body's life force. This can be done by treating key points, or meridians, in the energy pathways, as is the case in acupressure, acupuncture and reflexology, or by performing gentle exercises, such as Qigong and t'ai chi. The physical body can also be manipulated, as is done in shiatsu and yoga, to stimulate energy flow.
Herbal Therapy
Let's Explore Traditional Healing MethodsTypes Of Therapy:
  •  Aromatherapy
  •  Ayurveda
  •  Homeopathy
  •  Moxibustion

"We are what we eat" goes the saying , and herbal remedies allow us to stay healthy and treat disease by using what's available in nature. Herbal therapies may also be applied topically to the skin or inhaled.
Food allergies may cause more problems than we might at first realize, so establishing a suitable diet may "cure" many of our ailments. Healing traditions such as Indian Ayurveda are based on altering diet to achieve balance in the body.
By utilizing natural products and plant-based healing methods, such as aromatherapy, homeopathy and moxibustion, we avoid contaminating our bodies with synthesized chemicals or drugs whose side effects may not be fully understood.
Some healing methods combine the healing powers of plants with a physical therapy. Moxibustion is the application of heat to the body by burning moxa (dried mugwort leaves). Pieces of moxa may also be skewered to the end of acupuncture needles and burnt.
Physical Therapy
Let's Explore Traditional Healing Methods
Types Of Therapy:
  •  Alexander Technique
  •  Chiropractic
  •  Yoga
  •  Feldenkrais
  •  Hydrotherapy
  •  Kinesiology
  •  Massage

Physical therapy is direct treatment to the body or its systems, usually - but not exclusively - applied to specific body parts or injuries. Many physical therapies are used in conjunction with conventional medicine.
The physical manipulation of the joints, muscle or skin - as performed in chiropractic, kinesiology, osteopathy and massage - can relieve pain. Techniques such as alexandria technique and the feldenkrais method aim to relieve and prevent physical problems by correcting your body posture.
Body manipulation can also stimulate painkilling endorphins, helping us to feel more ecstatic and unaware of our pain.
Relaxation and breathing techniques can also be considered physical therapies. Breathing links the physical and spiritual world, because as well as taking in oxygen, it also sucked life force into our bodies, and breathing "incorrectly" can affect how this energy is distributed around the body.
 Spiritual Therapy
Types Of Therapy:
    Let's Explore Traditional Healing Methods
  •  Color Therapy
  •  Crystal Healing
  •  Dream Therapy
  •  Auras
  •  Faith Healing
  •  Paganism
  •  Shamanism
  •  Voodoo

All spiritual healing therapies recognize some form of "life force" running throughout our bodies and the universe - whether the energy is controlled by a higher being or is simply a part of nature.
Shamanic healing practices are based on the belief in the power of a healer to secure a solution to a tribe member's ill health from a higher power.
Christian faith healers also ease sickness by working as a medium for the Christian God.
In Pagan traditions, the power of nature is focused to aid your own healing.
Common to all of these practice is a belief and faith in a healing power and an understanding that we all have the ability to heal ourselves given appropriate tools.
The mind and belief are the two strongest allies we have in the fight against illness and disease.
Make sure you come back tomorrow as I will be getting more in depth regarding natural healing around the world....Let's Explore Traditional Healing Methods

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