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Let People Know You’re There: People Skills

By Shawnaschuh

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He’s not that big – though I guess normal size for a kitten of maybe 4 weeks – I first saw him on the floor behind the counter at the veterinary clinic – “What is that tiny thing doing here on your floor?” I asked. He was so little, so forlorn looking and the clinic staff were doing their best not to step on him.

It seems, one of the veterinary’s clients works in the garden department at Lowes Super Store and one afternoon she heard a kitten mewing on a shelf inside some fencing.

They got a ladder and found George, that’s the name they’ve given him, starving and with barely his eyes open – so this Good Samaritan called her vet.

Now a vet is not a shelter, nor are they in the business of saving starving animals, however they sometimes put out a cage with extra kittens and it’s pretty easy to place them – so when this client called and told them about a kitten starving in a home improvement store they agreed to help place it.

What they didn’t anticipate is that this kitten would need so much loving care – bottle feeding four times a day – attention, de-worming, help growing up enough to be given away.

Which is now – and George is living his days in the vets office and his nights at one of the wonderful staff that works there – Tammy is her name and she has a wonderful way with animals. George is in very good hands.

Of course, just like everyone who sees him, I fell in love with George; his size, his will to live, the way he allows all the dogs and humans to lick, cuddle and hold him. So I went in four days later just to see George and he had grown a lot already – looks like a little Buddha after his bottle and allows the office dog to lick the milk of his face – often.

All kittens are cute – George is a standard grey and white kitten that will turn into what I’m assuming will be an outstanding pet for someone with lots of other pets. He’ll have great experience around people, other cats, dogs and the other assorted pets that pass through the doors of vets.

I hope he has a long life – which he almost missed, when someone put him on a shelf in the garden department at Lowes. What could they have been thinking? How did they get him up there, didn’t they care? These questions have no answers and it doesn’t change the facts.

Cat’s can communicate – that meow of George’s saved his life, that and the warm heart of a woman who works in the garden department.

Today as you go about your day remember – let people know you’re there, be kindhearted and no matter how you start off in life – remember that there are people are willing to help you.

You create your day by the way you think! Make it magnificent.

Blessings, Shawna

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