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Let God Be God.

By Jenrene


“Let God be God”. God has every right to claim His own, and whether you know it or not, you belong to Him.

When we resist His purpose for our lives, we don’t make room for miracles. We block our blessings.

So , Let God Be God.

God has a place in us where we need to be Released.

In order for God to be there, in that space and for us to be fully submitted–

To His plan for His  ‘Release’ – we need to trust in the beauty and the peace that His plan can bring to our hearts,

Our minds,  and our souls.

God wants “to be” in that space.

You know, the one where we struggle and we resist and we often complain “I don’t want to…” and we fight the capacity to conform.

But God IS…

God is Great.

God is Hope.

God is Safe.

God is Peace.

God is Trust.

God is Love.

And everything God is … We can depend on.

We just need to ‘Let God be God’ in our lives.

When we refuse to ‘Let God be God’, we fail.

Failure looks different in our eyes when God is involved. Because  even though God allows a “perceived failure” to exist, He really is bringing you into a large place, in Him.

When we refuse to ‘Let God be God’, we don’t trust.

We have to trust God for good.


Because God becomes relative to where we know…WE NEED TO GROW.

And if “good” looks like growth, then we need to acquiesce, and “Let God be God”.

Because growth is good, and God is good.

When we refuse to “Let God be God”, we fight.

And fighting is not always loud and belligerent. Fighting can be strong and stubborn, and silent.

And fighting can be intrusive and stern and cold. Within.

Fighting  to control what’s inside can be a constant struggle. And sonstant struggle is NOT good for our soul – ( our mind, will and emotions.) 

It’s time to recognize our strength, but also our abilities. And if our soul says:” I cannot fight it”…

We need to listen.

When we refuse to “Let God be God”, we mourn and we grieve.

We hold onto our pain. We sink deeply into it. In fact – we do not

Allow ourselves TO FEEL.

For real.


Feelings become pretentious hopes and plans and false reasoning that cause us to give up God’s dreams and we become barren…. unable to conceive.


When we refuse to “Let God be God”…We hinder.

And we cannot ‘be’ helped, and we cannot receive help.

We mimic and converse with the (words) people “think” we should say -

And our thoughts become confused because we aren’t being true.

True to ourselves…

And True to God.


So Let God be God today… if only for one season, one hour, one moment in your life that might bring forth your destiny, and cause you to “be” ~ what He made you to be  – and KNEW you to be – even before you were –


Let God be God today.

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