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Lessons Learned from the Ex Living in the Attic

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Lessons Learned from the Ex Living in the Attic

Imagine waking up one night to loud thumping noises coming from the ceiling. You look up and see nails slowly twisting out of the place. You immediately begin to think that maybe there’s a ghost in the attic or maybe it’s an animal. You wake your son up and send him to the attic to investigate hoping that it’s nothing major creeping around up there. Your son opens the attic and out pops your ex-boyfriend who runs out the door smirking the entire time. I know this sounds crazy as all hell but this is exactly what happened to a South Carolina woman last week when she discovered an animal ex-boyfriend living in her attic. There are definitely some lessons to be learned from this. Lesson #1 it pays to invest in a home security system in the form of a pit bull or German shepherd.

Just when I thought I was the only person who attracted weirdoes, odd characters, and people who at one point in time got abducted by aliens, this crosses my path. It made me smile to know that I’m not alone in the struggle to find someone normal. I’ve had ex’s suddenly appear at my doorstep or call out the blue but never have I ever had anyone move in without my knowledge. As I followed the story, I learned that he at one point in time he helped her replace her doors which explained why there was no forced entry. Lesson #2 never allow an ex to help you with any construction on your home.

The ex slept in the heating vent using old coats as cushion and Sonic foam cups as a bathroom that the lady was forced to clean up. Even after 12 years of being broken up she was still faced with the task of cleaning up after a man but in the worst way imaginable. It was determined that he couldn’t have been there any longer than 2 weeks because he was released from jail 2 weeks prior to the incident. Lesson #3 never date anyone who has the potential to go to jail.

Last but not least, a hole was found in the ceiling that he used to spy on her while in her bedroom. She thought it was a poltergeist taking over her house (come into the light Carol Anne). Lesson #4 if you hear something go bump in the night, it’s probably not a poltergeist. She had no clue that this guy was up there although she heard noises up there previously. The ex is still at large and lurking around waiting to move back in; that’s just creepy! Lesson #5 Make sure someone knows the meaning of “it’s over” before it even starts.

The next time you hear a bump in the night or noises coming from your ceiling ….it may very well be your ex!

Has anyone ever dated anyone this weird?

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