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Leptovox Review 2019 – Side Effects & Ingredients

By Miriam Jones @miriamsjones
Leptovox Review 2019 – Side Effects & Ingredients

Leptovox is one of those products thats trying to do it all Were going to dive into this review and examine the merits behind the Leptovox claim.Leptovox Review 2019 – Side Effects & Ingredients

Letpovox has gathered quite a loyal following on the internet. The story most likely goes that the company behind Lipovox (a similar product) saw the success of Leptovox and copied it.

It happens all the time with diet pills and for the most part, goes unchecked (because it happens so fast). For example, take Nuphedragen and Fenphedra and let me know which you prefer (I actually prefer Fenphedra).

The Leptovox Difference

What is the difference between Leptovox and Lipovox?

The 10 Superfoods are present in both. For a quick refresher, the 10 superfoods, known for their extremely healthy qualities are listed below.

Ive referenced where Ive reviewed one of the ingredients in more depth. As time presents itself, I hope to have reviews available for all of them:

The differences lie in the few other ingredients:



Idebenone is supposed to help the skin slow the aging process and is present in plenty of wrinkle creams that you apply topically. Green tea is an effective stimulant for weight loss, and ALA has great benefits.

Are these differences big enough to stew over? Definitely.

Leptovox Reviewed Further

One thing that might give Leptovox something extra though is the fact that it comes with a 7-day detoxification pill.

These are not to be used regularly, as detoxifying your body too frequently can cause problems. But detoxification in moderation is very healthful.

The weight lost from detoxification is not fat loss. For the most part its just your body getting rid of waste. You may notice that your stomach is a bit slimmer, but just a bit.

The only time I ever did a detox, it did feel great so Id recommend giving it a shot. Its nice they bundle the detox with Leptovox so you can use them in concert with each other.

If you buy a bunch of Leptovox you get a whole slew of other diet pills so you can stack them for maximum results.

One is a carb/fat blocker and another is an herbal pick me up if you will. We wont get into these specifically, but I wanted to put that out there.

Leptovox Guarantee

Leptovox comes with a Lifetime moneyback guarantee, which instills confidence in me only when Ive tested their customer service.

I did just that and sent them my normal email asking about an order that hadnt arrived yet.

They responded about 14 hours later asking me for more information so they could resolve the issue. Test passed.

Anyway, the lifetime guarantee is also done by Lipovox, but I dont see it done by too many other diet pill companies so kudos to Leptovox for that.


If youre looking for bang for your buck, Leptovox is a great choice.

The 10 Superfoods are well known possessing very desirable nutritional profiles and the extra ingredients there (particularly the green tea) aid in weight loss quite a bit.

Letpovox is a solid bet, with natural ingredients, so it gets a thumbs up.

Leptovox Review 2019 – Side Effects & Ingredients

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