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Lemon Chicken Recipe

By Treatntrick
Lemon Chicken Recipe @
A semi dry dish of chicken fillet drenched in a sweet and sour sauce.
If you are looking for a quick and tasty meal that had a wonderful flavor, this Lemon Chicken is the right choice.
I used boneless chicken cut into strips.  Then coat the cleaned chicken with turmeric and salt.  Fry them until half done.  You can avoid frying them by adding the chicken straight to the wok after  the onion turns translucent.
Adjust the amount of  fresh red, green and bird's eye chili according to your preference.  The Lemon Chicken was fairly a dry dish but  add more water if you want more gravy.
Did you notice that most of the ingredients require slicing.  But to make it time saving, you could consider blending  onion, ginger, garlic and all the chili into  a coarse paste.
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Lemon Chicken Recipe @
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