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LEGO DOTS Makes North American Debut

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LEGO DOTS Makes North American Debut. Cool, colorful and bursting with personality, LEGO® DOTS – an entirely new way for children to build the creative confidence needed to express themselves – is making its North American debut at Toy Fair New York, Feb. 22-25.

LEGO DOTS is a 2D tile-based play concept that provides a rich, creative canvas for self-expression. Multiple shapes and colorful LEGO tiles provide limitless ways to create and craft an endless variety of functional and wearable products like pencil holders, picture frames, jewelry holders and bracelets.

The new LEGO play concept includes an exciting portfolio ranging from wearables to room décor   with surfaces designed for individual customization. Over 30 brand new mood tiles are also being introduced, which include details such as facial expressions, musical notes, cosmic planets, paw prints and many more.

“LEGO DOTS inspires creative confidence that helps children thrive by giving them a new way to express their feelings, ideas and personalities,” said Michael McNally, senior director, brand relations at LEGO Systems. “Bright colored tiles and endless pattern combinations help kids reflect their personal style, and because the tiles are compatible with the LEGO System in Play, there are limitless ways kids can ‘dot’ their worlds.”

LEGO DOTS Makes North American Debut

LEGO DOTS Makes North American Debut

Inspired by children

LEGO DOTS was inspired by research which showed that children are increasingly looking to shape their creative confidence through more personalized forms of play, where they can explore freely and express themselves through their own designs.

DOTS product development included monthly hands-on play sessions, biannual focus groups and quantitative tests across the U.S., U.K., Germany and Denmark with more than 500 parents and kids over two years, ensuring the design development aligns to consumer input.

“What we found is that some children prefer to use decorative arts and crafts to express themselves creatively. And until now, we have had limited products that catered for this specific audience and passion,” said LEGO DOTS lead designer Amy Corbett.

“With LEGO DOTS, children aren’t just encouraged to design – they are encouraged to continue to redesign. Experiment. Break the rules. By launching a new play concept and entering a new category, we are helping many more children build the creative resilience they need for the world ahead.”

The new product was announced in January, when London-based artist Camille Walala brought LEGO DOTS to life in a free, two-day interactive public art installation at Coal Drops Yard in London’s Kings Cross called HOUSE OF DOTS.

Everything in the fantastical house was customized in a mashup of more than 2 million LEGO DOTS tiles and Walala’s distinctive patterns and colors.

The new LEGO® DOTS range will be available in select retail locations starting March 1. U.S. retailers include Joann’s, Michael’s, Justice, LEGO Stores and Canadian launch retailers are Toys “R” Us and Mastermind, LEGO Stores and In Mexico, DOTS will launch at Justice, LEGO Stores and on

LEGO DOTS Makes North American Debut

The launch collection includes five bracelets: Rainbow, Funky Animals, Dark Unicorn, Cosmic and Tropical Birds. Room décor items at launch include: Photo Cubes for displaying pictures, a Jewelry Holder, Pineapple Pencil Holder, and a Mini Picture Frame. A Booster Bag will also be available, featuring lots of multicolored and printed tiles for custom pattern making fun.

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