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Leche Bubbles

By Verybusymama @verybusymama
Today is a big day here in the Very Busy Family. No, I didn't get a major client for my freelance work. No, we are not moving to a four bedroom home in Washington, DC. No, I'm not preggers.
Today, my little man made a massive discovery, one that will forever change his opinion on milk.
Today he discovered....leche or milk bubbles.
Leche bubbles
It may  not be exciting for you, but I was there the exact moment that first bubble rose to the top of his cup and I saw the look of absolute joy in his face when he realised HE was the cause of it. 
"MAMI, MIRA!!!!!! LECHE BUBBLES!" he yelled out.
He has asked for more milk all morning and so far he doesn't seem to be bored of it yet. So naturally, we've been hanging out in our PJs and making milk bubbles. What could be better than that?
Happy Saturday everyone!

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