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Leaving The Fathers Name Off The Birth Certificate Is Wrong

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

motherhood quote 500x333 Leaving The Fathers Name Off The Birth Certificate Is Wrong

Leaving the fathers’ name off the Birth Certificate is wrong.

There is no two ways about it.

If you know who the father of your child is then they should be on the birth certificate.

Your child deserves to know who their father is and make their own mind up about him.

I could understand in the cases of rape that being in the same room as that horrible human would be the last thing you would want.

In any normal situation I do not see any excuse for leaving them off the birth certificate if you know who they are.

He might not be a ‘good dad’ in your eyes but that doesn’t give you the right to play god.

Some mums say they leave the fathers’ name off the birth certificate because the father doesn’t want to be in the childs life.

Others say it’s because they feel that the father doesn’t deserve to have rights to their child.

Some mothers say that the childs father is a danger to his child.

Well sorry but this is not good enough.

If you feel that the guy is a danger to your child then by all means take the appropriate steps through court to protect your child but do not leave them off the birth certificate if he wants to.

It doesn’t matter what you want or what your opinion of your child’s father is.

It will not change the fact that he is your childs father and the child is their son or daughter.

I think it is wrong that some fathers do not wish to be on the birth certificate, it is simply a lame excuse to get out of their parental responsibilities.

They made the child together and therefore should take responsibility for the child together.

That doesn’t mean they have to be loved up, in a relationship.

You can be parents separately.

It’s about what’s best for your child.

How would you like it if it was you with a blank space next to the fathers detail section on your birth certificate?

If your mother told you nothing but bad things about your father and you couldn’t even ask his side of things because you didn’t know who he was.

I know I’d be rather mad at my mother when I grew up if my father was missed off my birth certificate, he’s a rubbish father but least I know who he is and got to make that decision myself (my parents are married).

You can legally leave the father off the birth certificate which I personally think is wrong, it gives the mother too much freedom to mess with their childs life.

If the father wants to be on the birth certificate and is not married to the mother he needs to either be present to sign the birth certificate or the mother has to have the relevant declaration documentation signed by the father.

If the father wants to be on the birth certificate and is married to the mother the mother doesn’t need to be present to register the birth, the father can do so on his own.

I would never leave my childs fathers name of their birth certificate, it is my opinion something that helps to bond them together.

It says I’m their mommy and that’s their daddy and no matter what happens that will never change!

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