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Leather Me Up.

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
leather me up.We're in October and the bitter cold weather should be slowly creeping up on us, as the autumn leaves tumble down... but we're in England and that's just not the way things roll! This weather has been truly and insanely beautiful, I've spent my week outside sunning in 28 degrees whilst I watch my dog jumping erratically into autumnal leaves. We have some serious Global Warming issues going on!A few weeks ago I received an email from Net-A-Porter (they're oh so good at emailing daily and making you, without any hesitation, part with your cash. I warn you now, before you sign up to newsletter!) Leather skirts appeared in the title. "Yep", I thought, "I'm down with that". I then continued to read on and drool at their top picks whilst they slyly suggested teaming these leather beauties with luxurious warming knits... aka a big weakness of mine. Missoni, ahhhhhh...I quickly clicked exit on the browser after the realization that I could be in danger of parting with a few too many 'dollar' here. Self control is essential, I'm proud to say I used it well there. I've been browsing ever since to see if there were any alternatives rather than investing in something that would take my rent for the month, when I stumbled across this little beaut' in no other then Miss Selfridge. Shocked? Yep me too, I haven't shopped there since I was 16 and was quite surprised to see how much it's growing. With it being leather and it having the 3 big F's - FetishFeelFabric, you want to keep some dignity about it and not have the skirt riding just below ones #moreofablackgirlthenwhitegirlsbum.I wore it on Saturday night and it's honestly perfect and I'm so happy to of spent a minuscule £40 rather then £400 on it! It'll see me through all the seasons in whatever order they may decide to proceed this year... However I would say remember that scene in FRIENDS, Ross has the leather pants and gets them stuck from the heat? After Saturday night I've learnt this too... in not such disastrous consequences.Don't wear leather in 28 degree heat.
T-Shirt - TopshopSkirt - Miss SelfridgeShoes - L.K.BennettRing - Yves Saint Laurent

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