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Learn What A Radio Control Toy Can Mean

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

The best advice in my life – Learn what a radio control toy can mean

I was ten years old when my mom gave me 50 USD and told me to buy whatever I wanted; at that age and with this amount of money inmom 300x200 Learn What A Radio Control Toy Can Mean my pocket, I felt like I could buy the whole world. After some serious thinking I asked my mom to take me to a local hobby store that I heard about, it was decided, I wanted to buy an RC airplane, and not just any airplane, I wanted the B2 spirit bomber, which by then was the coolest plane I had ever seen.

When I finally got my RC airplane, my mom started to ask me all these questions about why I bought this toy; I can’t remember what I said to her, but then she told me something that was registered in my brain, she said: make it real. Now I know that this specific moment changed my life; subtly she told me several things with those words; now I understand that she planted a seed in my imagination, it was the suggestion that if I wanted to fly, then that should be it. This advice has made the whole difference for me; her words had a profound impact in my life, and for that I am truly grateful.

My true reason to buy that toy was that I wanted to fly

By the age of ten I was fully aware that I would have to do something “extra” in order to get myself in the air; my initial thought was to be a pilot, but that changed with the time, and after some years while I was in high school I found that I wanted to be an engineer; so at twenty three I graduated from college; I felt great for achieving this goal, the only issue was that I was not satisfied yet; I knew this because I recalled my mom’s advice and something was missing; I decided to go deeper and find that which would make me feel complete.

I started to work for some companies in the automotive and health sectors; there I met awesome people who showed me (not intentionally) my true way. I’ve always been very enthusiastic, I like to think that today is the best opportunity of my life, and that this is the reason why it is called present, because it is a gift; however I found that most people in my job criticized this behavior, and I knew it was up to me deciding what to do with those comments. This is why I say that inadvertently they helped me to find my true way.

In the pursuit of happiness I decided to Jump

One day I decided to simply quit my job, I understood that I would never be happy while my heart was starving; being happy in life is a matter of actually being happy, it took me some time to realize that we are not happy because of what we do, but because of who we are; happiness then is not in doing-ness but in being-ness; doing-ness is part of the body, being-ness is part of the soul; I realized that it was my soul the one who had to be satisfied, not my body, so I quit. It is a deeper understanding but it is true, it will require a little effort from you to understand the same, we are happy because of who we are, not because of what we do, in fact, we do what we do because of who we are as well.

Now I am a writer, in fact I am being a writer every day; I started an online business about aviation toys, and I have fun while writing about these fascinating objects that one day when I was ten, helped to make a decision. Finally I discovered the tip of the iceberg of my happiness, every day comes with a new challenge, a new lesson, and a new reward; this is the best thing I’ve ever experienced and I am convinced now that this is the way it should be. You may wonder if I was scared at the time for losing my job or for the economy; but I tell you this, I made a choice aiming for happiness; now that I am being happy I am being successful; success is a byproduct of happiness, and your level of success is proportionally related to who you are, not to what you do.

Making this real has been the best advice I’ve ever received; it was kind of coded, it had to be, that way I could choose and take it to wherever I wanted. I received this advice when I was ten years old; it was delivered to me by one of the greatest creatures that I have ever met: My Mom.


About the Author:

Jose Lozano 2001 150x150 Learn What A Radio Control Toy Can Mean

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano is a Successful Online Entrepreneur; he strongly believes that being happy is a matter of the soul, and that it is the soul the one who can guide you to find the true way in life. Following his soul’s advice Jose started a website about aviation toys, there he enjoys sharing great information such as his AR Drone review, and tips about the Flying Fortress RC airplane. These toys have really made a difference for him.

 Learn What A Radio Control Toy Can Mean

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