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Learn Colors with Umbrellas

Posted on the 21 May 2022 by Hiddenobjectgames2011 @NenaLuckypet
Autumn is one of the funniest season. Especially, kids love autumn because they adore wearig umbrellas or raincoats. They are so colorfull and it is fun walking in the rain using raincoat or umbrella. Sometimes they are able to forget on cold weather in order to jump in every single puddle. And, all that is because of the rain, those magic drops. They refresh the nature and the land is so grateful for the water it gets. Also, the air is so fresh that is beautiful to be outside and breath freely. So, this is the reason why I select umbrellas to help me in todays task. Learn Colors with Umbrellas As I said, umbrellas are very fun, so I choose 4 colorful umbrellas to help me introduse with four colors that you have to learn if you are preschool age. Come to watch this video to see that is easy to memorize the new colors because in this task rain will help us to do that. Sometimes, rain can be a little awkward. It may convert into different colors so that it can find the right umbrella. Your task is to match four umbrellas with four different rain drops. Good luck!

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