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Learn About CBD E-Liquid, Vape-Oil and Hemp Oil

By Moamen Enoo
Learn About CBD E-Liquid, Vape-Oil and Hemp Oil

People often discuss about vaping of CBD oils and it is found that there is plenty of confusion regarding the device.

In this write up, we shall discuss the basics about CBD oil, and how you may vape it and also understand exactly the difference with any other kind of cannabis oils available in the market.

CBD oil basics

The shorter form of Cannabidiol is called CBD which is derived from hemp tinctures of male cannabis plant, and due to this production method, the term called CBD hemp oil often is misused to describe as CBD vape oils.

Basics of CBD

Typically, CBD hemp oils are used in balms, lotions and other oils which can be easily rubbed directly onto our skin. They can sometimes be included in the CBD vape oil which is specially made for vaping.

Therefore, prefer not to try vaping CBD Hemp oils which were not made particularly for vaping.

An advantage of CBD vape oil is, you may vape it as a regular vape pen or mod. You can just fill the tank with e-liquid, add any additional flavor in case you prefer to vape away.

Is CBD marijuana?

People only talk about marijuana when they think about going high and marijuana has two key chemical compounds:

1. THC or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol

This can be most active ingredient of marijuana and is a compound responsible for such mind-altering highs while smoking cannabis.

2. CBD or cannabidiol

CBD is not psychoactive hence you may not experience high however, it also produces few changes in our body and is famous and well documented due to its medical benefits.

Whether CBD vaping oil legal?

Actually, CBD oils are not extracted from cannabis plants directly, but it comes from 100% legal industrial hemp form. Hence, all THC properties are already been removed.

You can get freely on open market for any use you would like. Vape oil can be produced from this hemp, by using other liquids like PG and VG.

CBD vape oil is 100% legal in all states of the USA.

Vaping CBD oil benefits

Following are few medical benefits that was found after number of studies of CBD:

  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti-prokinetic
  • Prevents build-up of plaque in our arteries
  • Appetite control
  • Can stimulate bone growth
  • Strengthens bones
What CBD vape oil concentration will you need?

It is very difficult to determine because everyone has different size and their response to CBD can also be different. It is recommended usually to start with low concentration at around 100 to 250mg, then slowly go up to around 400 to 1000mg/30ml bottle if needed.

You may feel little sick if you start with too high also higher the concentration you have to pay higher price.

Nowadays, most CBD vaping oils are nicotine free, however you can combine all your e-liquids for getting the perfect blend.

Which CBD vape oil flavor should you choose?

Usually, CBD vape oils have a little earthy and grassy kind of taste, hence need to be masked with additional flavors. As per your taste you can add the flavor.

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