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Le Tigre

By Therelishedroost
Hello everyone! Yes, it's been a while and I have truly neglected this blog as work and life caught up with me.  I thought now is the perfect time to go back and blog as we stay in and catch up on things that we have pushed aside !
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the collage for Charlotte Moss' amazing contest for charity,  You might say I was a bit taken with tigers!  
I did force myself to watch the Tiger King.  It reminded me how much I always loved and admired the beauty of these majestic animals. I for one would like the light shed upon the need for conservation rather than captivity  for these creatures.  I found it to be a tragic documentary on many levels. However,  if it caused us to pause and support animals in the wild, then a good thing happened because of it.
Okay, lets get back to design shall we!  Who doesn't love a little touch of tiger print?  Just enough to create intrigue, and not to much to become garish.    Let's take a look of someways to bring a little bit of tiger to your space with these fun pieces.


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