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Le Griffonnier in the 8th: Girolles from Solonge and the Rest from Heaven.

By Johntalbott

Augsept 2013 013

Augsept 2013 014


6.0 Le Griffonnier, 8, rue des Saussaies in the 8th (Metro: Matignon Minister Motorcar),, closed for dinner except Thursday as well as weekends, is a place I went to so many years ago that I wasn't posting pictures and still wore a tie like all the ministerial staff guys (yes they were and are still are all men/guys); so when I was hooking up (no, not that way) with an old colleague-friend who was getting his broken crown (dental not royal) fixed and his smart-phone battery was running out, after several tries at finding a spot of mutual acceptance - he wrote "How's about a bistro feed at Griffonier?  And so it was.

Augsept 2013 015

Augsept 2013 016

Augsept 2013 017


The specials of the day included a COLD breast of chicken (come on, cold chicken) and sauteed girolles (the first of the season from, no, not Lower Slobovia as we positied, but Upper Sologne): my friend commented that they had a strange taste and they did, and it took some time getting used to it, but maybe it was just the shallots that gave them the odd cast.  Next he had a faux filet with an incredible melange of potatoes, mayonaise and a remouladey color/taste - everythig worked really well together and I had a just 5* fine confit de canard with the only clunker of the day - awful potatoes.

Augsept 2013 018

Augsept 2013 019


Then my friend sagely ordered some Salers cheese which was over the top and I had a quetsche tart which was above the bar.

Now, for normal people, eating three dishes with decent bread and imbibing one bottle of Chiroubles, two coffees and no bottled water the bill would come to 129.20 E a couple but this was a pleasure-business-catching up-fun afternoon, so our bill was a bit more, how much more?, ask the NSA.  dB level 48.4, how about that.

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