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Le Gaigne in the 8th: Not Like the Old Place in Many Ways.

By Johntalbott

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4.0 Le Gaigne, 2, rue de Vienne in the 8th, (Metro: Europe), closed Saturday lunch and Sundays, is a restaurant with the same name and same chef (Mickaël Gaignon) as his former gem in the 4th which I loved beyond measure.  But oh what a difference;
- a cool, discrete outside
- designer inside
- 40 rather than 16 covers
- Madame (Aurélie) nowhere to be seen, replaced by two jolly, friendly male professionals
- a huge wine list and
- prices many times that at the old haunt.

Fri 003

Fri 006

Fri 007

We were served amusing dainty amuses just as one would expect in an 8th joint, then my fellow-blogger ordered the cold soup of green leafy things which was extraordinarily soul-less while I scored with a toasty egg in a bed of mushrooms and their sauce.

Fri 009

Fri 010

For our mains we decided to go 50-50 but she started off with an overcooked, oversalted ray saved by a very tasty tasting lentil concoction and I had a good but not mind-blowing pintade.

Fri 011

Fri 012

Fri 013

For dessert, we again decided to order both and see; well, the mirabelle/sorbet thing was simply nowhere and the crepes without any ooompf.  The mignardises were 8th-stuff once again - but the coffee was great.

Fri 008

With a bottle and two glasses of wine, no bottled water, excellent bread and that superb coffee, our bill was 127 E.  dB level = 68.2 befitting the suit and tie 8th clientele.

Go?  I've got to hear a lot more reports from trusted sources showing that Gagnon has upped his game before I return.  But return I will because I know how good his food can be.  Transiting to the center, especially the 8th, works for some (Eric Frechon) but not all for all (Mark Singer & Catherine Guerraz).

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