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Le Casse Noix in the 15th: A Dear Old Friend.

By Johntalbott



Le Casse Noix in the 15th is a place we used to go to after it opened, but fell off the radar screen not because of any fault(s) but just because the rush of new places shoved it aside.  So last week, Colette, having heard several current reports, said "Hey John, why not?"  Well, why not?  The menu is as interesting as ever and if you can't read it, you need new glasses.





For firsts we had some salmon Tartare (which Colette declared was "very good, I liked it;" two others, habituees of the joint, loved their mackerel and leeks; and I was not displeased with my poelee ofmushrooms and poached egg.  To suit our sort-of-supreme friend's wine tastes, we had a bottle of very nice white Cotes du Rhone which he decalred was "just wet enough."





For mains, Colette had a first (yes I know, but our charming Chilean waitguy, accepted the fact) - scallops; our friend had rognons; and the two of the rest had the quail - all really good bistro fare.  With this the three reddies went for a Bergerac.



Fo dessert, we indulged in the rice pudding with caramel sauce and floating island ("loved it") and cheese and nuts.

Our bill with a tad more wine to finish off the cheese and a few digs as well as 3 coffees (offered), was 234 E - thus 117.00 E a couple.


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