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Le 6 Paul Bert: Oh I Hope the New York Times Doesn't Find This Find; It'll Ruin It for the Locals.

By Johntalbott

Apr 2013 001
Le 6 Paul Bert in the 11th is yet another place I reconnoitered in Colette's absence and put on her "must go" list.  Today, 6 of went and despite our varying food tastes, all felt more than satisfied by what they/we ordered; indeed each of felt we had "scored" and while sharing everything, stuck to our beliefs that "we were the Champions."

Apr 2013 003

Apr 2013 009

Apr 2013 004


M. Paga had the razor clams, de-shelled and declared at the end of the meal that they were the one sour note of the lunch, but ironically, I liked them, although I normally don't ever order them, even in Venice; M. the Photo-Pro had the rollmops of very strong (that's good folks) herring with yogurt (like sour cream to you New Yorkers), scallions and beets, which we'll come back to later; and I felt I was the true winner, of course, with my assertive chicken livers with a soft-boiled egg (everyone is doing them these days) and al dente grilled leeks.

Apr 2013 006

Apr 2013 007

Apr 2013 008


For mains we went various ways - towards the mignons of pork (undercooked) with lentils; the squid in black ink that were seductively spicy; and veal liver that the waiter inststed would come rose-squared and was.

Apr 2013 010

For desserts, we sort-of shared the lemon ice cream, yogurt sorbet and a ginger sable; bitter chocolate with olive oil and cocoa crumble - AND another order of herring - Yummmm.

Apr 2013 002

Apr 2013 005


With three bottles of red wine (one a Cheverny, the others Pitchounet Mouressipe), no bottled water, 2 Calvas and two coffees, our bill amounted to 70 E a couple.

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