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Le 122 in the 7th: One More Warm Welcome and "best Dish I've Ever Had."

By Johntalbott

March-aprl 2012 196
Le 122 in the 7th is another place I've scouted out for Colette and my pals downstairs between their visits and on calling for a reservation was greeted most warmly once again as we were as well at the door - no, not the door pictured, that's the Institute of Horticulture where Colette thought she might find some kindred spirits.

March-aprl 2012 188

For amuse gueules we had a wonderful soup of intense tomato with a basil drizzle and a cupful of bread/nummies with salami slices.

March-aprl 2012 189

March-aprl 2012 190

March-aprl 2012 191


For entrees, Paga had the special terrine of the day, which our gracious host Farid Saidi informed us had about 4 ingredients in it including foie gras; Elan had the artichoke barigoule of artichokes (for the 2nd day in a row) which she grinned over while eating and Colette and I had the cream of watercress with lukewarm langoustines and teeny tiny clams - a superb dish if ever I had one.

March-aprl 2012 194

March-aprl 2012 192

March-aprl 2012 193


For mains, M. had the pigs' feet which (I think it was for the 3rd or 4th time this visit of theirs) he declared was the "best in his life;" Colette had the bar atop potiron cubes on a Jerusalem artichoke puree; and Madame and I both had the pigeon with cabbage which was very succulent and almost as good as it/they comes/come.

March-aprl 2012 187

For wine, I asked the assembled what region they wanted and today they voted to go Bordeaux but our host indicated we would be much happier with what actually was my original choice, a Languedoc-Rousillion, slightly chilled, for the same price, and indeed it was a perfect matcm.

With two bottles of that, no bottled water, great bread, no desserts (we were all too full), a double portion of Jacques Genin chocolates (two Bas Armagnacs offered as well), and 4 coffees, our bill was slightly under 112 E a couple.

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