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Lazy Hippie Mama: In Haiku (Nablopomo Day 13)

By Elizabeth Comiskey @lazyhippiemama

*This post is Day Thirteen of the January Nablopomo 30-day blogging challenge hosted by BlogHer.

Sweet Hippie Daughter saw this on the “One Hundred Dollars a Month” Facebook page and has found it endlessly amusing for the past week or so.

Lazy Hippie Mama: in Haiku |

I was trying to think of something a little different for the blog today, having to do with the prompts centering on habits. I decided that since I’ve been in the habit of writing in prose for all this time, perhaps I would take inspiration from “A Winter Haiku.”

Here is the story of me, as portrayed in four verses of Haiku. Hope it gives you a little smile.

I seek to live green.

Sometimes it’s a lot of work.

Then I get lazy.

I seek to be thin.

Lazy eating makes me fat.

I can’t reach my toes.

I seek perfection,

in body, mind and spirit.

I am not there yet.

I am content now,

Knowing that growth continues.

Love this life of mine!

Lazy Hippie Mama: In Haiku |

Live on the wild side! Share the story of you haiku in the comments!

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