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Lazy Autumn Weekends

By Lesassorties @LesAssorties

Like many women our age, we are both employees – plus part-time bloggers – which suggests that the time available to relax during the week is limited. That’s why we are always in a keen anticipation of the weekend. And it may sound cheesy, but our autumn weekends have been greatly affected by popular Tumblr content; going around in cozy pajamas and warm socks, watching reruns of Friends while enjoying multiple cups of hot chocolate under wraps (Exactly, we do not believe in casual dress up at home.) is concrete proof. That’s what today’s post is all about: pajamas and comfortable slippers to unwind in while at home.

Marigot Collection and Jacques Levine are inevitably the first choice when it comes to sleepwear and slippers. In today’s virtual dress up, we have picked out our favorite items from the latest collections of both companies.

Mind you that Marigot Collection items are not sold separately, we just wanted to try and provide you a full glimpse of the the company’s colorful product range.


Marigot Collection “Lorient Block Print” in Caribbean Sea Fan Top, Marigot Collection “Maya Check” in Summer Blue Bottoms, Hansel from Basel Socks, Jacques Levine “Bel Esprit” Slippers, Topshop Broderie Scrunchie


Marigot Collection “Lorient Block Print” in Azalea Octopus Top, Marigot Coolection “Maya Check” in Azalea Bottoms, Hand Knitted Socks, Jacques Levine “Daria” Nubuck Bow Slipper


Marigot Collection “Maya Check” in Key Lime Top, Marigot Collection “Lorient Block Print” in Jade Sand Dollar Bottoms, Happy Socks Socks, Jacques Levine Spanish Leather Wedge, “Brucie” Big Foot Bunny, Cheap Monday Headband

Browse the full collections at Marigot Collection and Jacques Levine.

Additional images via here and here


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