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Laverne Cox @Lavernecox and The Sylvia Rivera Law Project @srlp (USA)

By Nick Chaleunphone @Kamododragoon

Laverne Cox @Lavernecox and The Sylvia Rivera Law Project @srlp (USA)Originally posted on Gender Identity Watch:


As reported in GenderTrender, Laverne Cox and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project are offering public support for a man who repeatedly raped and murdered a 13-year-old girl, because the man, Luis Morales, now “identifies” as a woman called Synthia China Blast.

The victim of Morales’ crime, Ebony Williams, was mentioned in Jonathon Kozol’s book, Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation:


Where is the conscience of the transgender community?

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project made the video featuring Laverne Cox private after GenderTrender revealed that Laverne Cox was supporting a child rapist & killer. You can view the video here now.

This is only the latest example of transgender activists completely ignoring the heinous violence perpetrated by transwomen against women.  Other notable examples include the transgender community’s support of Robert Kosilek and the SRLP’s support of a man convicted of child porn possession.

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