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Let’s Talk About the T Word (or, How ‘cis Privilege’ is Bullshit)

By Nick Chaleunphone @Kamododragoon

Let’s talk about the T word (or, how ‘cis privilege’ is bullshit)Originally posted on FireWomon:

There are many types of discrimination. Some of them we have names for: sexism, racism, homophobia. Some we find harder to put a name to: for example, obese people face discrimination from some quarters, as do those who are not conventionally attractive and who some people go so far as to call ‘fugly’. Discrimination can and does cause people to be passed over in the job market, treated with disdain by people who ought to know better – including medical professionals – and to be glared at with barely disguised contempt by strangers on the street. A couple of centuries ago these are the people who would have been placed in the stocks and pelted with rotten tomatoes or human excrement. If they were witches women, they might have been placed on the ducking-stool and drowned, or burned at the stake (a punishment still used in the present day in…

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