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Transition and Conversion Therapy: Too Close for Comfort

By Nick Chaleunphone @Kamododragoon

Transition and Conversion Therapy: Too Close for ComfortOriginally posted on Queer Theory: The new men's rights movement:

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the Internet at all in the last couple weeks, you’ve heard about the suicide of trans teenager Leelah Alcorn. In the week since he took his own life, the online queer community has been quick to milk the tragedy for political leverage – no matter how many actual teenage trans kids are endangered by their pontificating. Combine their reckless treatment of teen suicide with their propensity for threatening Carla Alcorn, his mother, with absurd fantasies of jail time, and you have perhaps the grossest single incident of trans nonsense yet. And that’s saying something.

In this maelstrom of wild speculation and reckless accusation, it took about fifteen minutes for the circumstances surrounding Leelah’s death to be misrepresented, exaggerated, and otherwise twisted into the traditional tropes that fit the trans narrative. One specific claim I’ve seen repeated over and over is that…

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