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Latest Innovation in Anti-Seasickness Devices

By Sailingguide

Boarding Ring glasses

Coming soon to a marine chandlery near you? It's not likely the fashion statement of the year, but we're starting to wonder if these things might actually work? Called Boarding Ring glasses, designed and produced by a French company, these glasses have 4 lenses (2 forward, 2 peripheral) that are each surrounded by a tube in which fluid moves to provide an artificial horizon. The idea is that since seasickness is theorized to result from a disconnect between what the eyes see on a moving boat and what the inner ear tells the brain about movement and orientation, the "true" visual horizon supplied by the glasses will send an orientation signal to the brain in tune with inner ear signals. The idea sounds good (better than the glasses look!) - but we've yet to see research on how well they actually work. I first heard about these about a year ago but still haven't seen anyone wearing them in the U.S., but they're back in the news now after being nominated for an international DAME award for innovative products. They can apparently be ordered online from the company website. I'm looking forward to seeing them in use one day soon. In the meantime, here's a run-down of other available medications and products for seasickness.

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