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Last Week

By Annashahira @annashahira

Last Week

Last Week
Dress (worn as a top) - Batam Island, Indonesia // Tank top - Nichii // Jeans - MNG // Shoes - MNG // Choker - MNG // Bag - Flea market @ The Curve

Look what I found lying around my desktop. An outfit photo. Haha! I wanted to post this last week but I wasn't too sure whether I should. So today, I decided to. You might notice a lot of MNG. They were having a sale. Had to get them. The choker was not on sale though but the quality is far better than Diva London. #truestory. Last week, I got a haircut. A very short one. After the hair stylist was done cutting my hair, I looked at the floor. There was a lot of hair. I've always wanted to keep it long but looking at the damage from not maintaining after dyeing my hair, I had to let go of the long hair dream. My hair isn't so short. Shoulder length. Looked ombred-ish to me now - cool but I'm not into the trend. The hair stylist asked me if I wanted to dye my hair. Of course I said, NO. Ladies, once you dye your hair, you've got to maintain it. If you're lazy like me when it comes to hair maintenance, don't brother. #atipyoushouldkeep It's not cheap to maintain too. Might as well use the money on other things.
Anyone else regretted dyeing their hair?
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