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Last Day of School

By Fiercebuddhist @fiercebuddhist

vacation visions
behind sleepy eyes-
empty classroom

Our family uses a hybrid system for homeschooling. Today was our last “learning center” visit for the year. Seeing the children excited about the upcoming summer reminded me of my own childhood.
Given that we only spend 2.25 hours a week at the learning center not much will change on our schooling but why does change is the start of camps.
For my wife and I summer is more a break for us! For the next month Ava, our daughter, has horse camp and the three weeks of kungfu camp. She will be busier than usual and my wife and I will have 6 hours a day to ourselves.
What are our summer plans? Add a bathroom, drop ceiling and insulation to our basement. With Ava occupied we can finally clean our her baby toys and put them away for future generations.

I am sure to have many memories and haiku ideas spawn while I do the aforementioned work and I hope you will follow the progress.

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