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LaQ - Snap-together Construction Toy Kits

By Dotpattern @collectinghobby
Very cool modular block construction toys from LaQ with sets for girls and boys. Unique square and triangular puzzle pieces snap together easily and the instructions are easy to follow with exploded-view diagrams. The Q is for "kyuu" which means sphere in Japanese because these pieces can make all the platonic solids and more, even the dodecahedron. The freeform kits are my favorite. 
LaQ - Snap-together construction toy kits LaQ Dinosaur World T-REX
LaQ Frog #toyfair animation: #frog
— Hobby collector (@collectinghobby) March 6, 2013

LaQ - Snap-together construction toy kits Sweet Collection Bunny
LaQ - Snap-together construction toy kits LaQ Freestyle sets
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